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Global Positioning System, famously known as GPS has become quite the popular feature in today’s lifestyle. This tracking system enables it users to monitor the position of specific objects as well as assisting in timing. The use of this technology has trickled down to the very basic of devices such as mobile phones. This has brought the use of GPS within reach to the public.


Who is making the toys?

Due to the increased demand for GPS products, more companies have ventured into the production of GPS products. Here are 5 of the top GPS Products manufacturer.

  1. TomTom

Formally known as Palmtop, TomTom began by developing business based applications. It then moved to develop personal apps and much more for Microsoft. In the late 1990s, TomTom, by then Palmtop, ventured into mobile vehicle navigation systems. It was after their name change in 2001 that the company launched the TomTom navigator

  1. Trimble

Trimble is quite the versatile company. Not only does it produce GPS devices, it is also well known for a variety of other positioning tech. Trimble is probably one of the largest GPS manufacture companies.

  1. Magellan

Magellan is a tech company with its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. The company specializes in GPS products for vehicle navigation and portable out door devices. Magellan developed from the once Thales Navigation. This was just but one sector in the Thales Company which specialized in defense and security. Magellan is now owned by MITAC International Corporation.

  1. DeLorme

This is a mapping company that hailed in 1976. In the 1990s, DeLorme became the first company to create a GPS tracking system for laptops, Palm OS and Pocket PCs.

  1. Lowrance

Lowrance can be described as one of the ‘godfathers’ of GPS technology. The company is known for its manufacture of a wide range of GPS products for outdoor purposes. Since 1957, Lowrance has been manufacturing maritime devices.

GPS applications

It is a well-known fact that the development of GPS was initially a military project. Over the years, the use of GPS has become so rampant. This is due to the numerous applications one enjoys. Some of the most common applications include:

For military purposes, the GPS can be used for the following functions:

  • l For navigation purposes. The military uses GPS to track objects as well as for proper coordination of troops and other base activities.
  • l Target accuracy. Military weapons use GPS to accurately identify their target areas to prevent unnecessary damage.
  • l For search and rescue missions.

The GPS can be used for the following civilian purposes:

  • l For astronomical research in the field of science.
  • l For direction seeking in automated cars. It can be used to monitor movement of cars.
  • l For survey purposes when determining land boundaries.

Need we say more?

GPS has become a crucial tool in many fields, ranging from military uses to civilian uses. Whether you are in business, marketing, research or any other field, GPS will help to monitor and keep surveillance of what matters to you. Getting a Global Positioning System is the best step you can make if you are looking for accuracy and precision. Be in the know with a GPS.

If you made a list of the things that you use which have GPS then you try to imagine your life without them, then you would see how GPS has changed the world. So many gadgets today use GPS and they have made our lives a lot easier. Let us first name some of these gadgets.

Gadgets that use GPS

– Mobile Phones

– Satellite Navigators

– Computers

– Car trackers

– Drones

These are just 5, but there are many more. Let us use these and see how GPS has changed our world today.


How we use GPS


A long time ago before GPS was being used everywhere, we had to stop and ask for directions whenever we are lost. Today we can use GPS-enabled devices to pinpoint our exact location and then find a route to follow to get to our destination. Even taxi drivers who are new in a city are able to use GPS to enter the address of a destination and the GPS will direct them using a satellite navigator. GPS can be used to pinpoint the exact location of buses, trains and airplanes so that passengers can know where they are and how long it will take before they get to their destination. GPS has really changed the way we travel in the world.


Do you ever wonder how our mobile phones are able to communicate? Well GPS is partly what helps them do that. The GPS system within your smartphone, is able to send a signal to a satellite which detect where exactly it is and then directs it to the nearest tower that will transmit its signal to your correspondent. This also helps when you cross a border and your phone switches to roaming because it is able to detect the location of the phone and tell you are out of the country. Also when you are online and you search for something say shoes, GPS will tell the search engine which region you are in so that you can get search results from places near you. You could want to know the nearest movie cinema to you, and using GPS the search engine is able to locate you and the nearest cinema.


Our safety is much more improved. It is much easier to track a stolen car, mobile phone or laptop using GPS. The gadgets send signals that can pinpoint the exact location of a stolen item making it easy to find. The military and police can also use GPS to track down criminals

Rescue Operations

Using drones that are guided by GPS, it has become much easier of recent to conduct rescue operations. The drones are guided by GPS systems and some can even track down distress signals being sent by people lost in mountains, forests and the like.

The Negative Impact Of GPS

With all good things, there is a negative side, some criminals also use GPS to commit crimes. They are able to track homeowners movements and know exactly where they are so they can break into the house when they are sure there is no one and get out before they return.

Despite the negative side, GPS has created more positive change for the world and continues to do so.

GPS devices have been very useful over the years but the recent introduction of smartphones and tablets with free navigation apps has not reduced the usefulness of the device. For many people who drive around or take a trip out into the woods to hike or to rock climb, a gps device becomes a very useful companion.

Apart from offering the users with navigation details, the gps device can help to provide traffic reports and local map search among other tools.


Below are the most trusted gps devices on the market.

Garmin Nuvi

The GPS device is designed and engineered to be among the best especially for individuals who own cars. The best thing about the device is that it is fitted with a state of the art magnetic mount, glass capacitive screen and a 3D lane assistance system that is very useful to the user.

The product measures 5.4 in height by 3.1 in width by 0.5 in depth and it weighs around 6.8 ounces. The housing of the device is a little thinner compared to previous models and it has a final nice finish with a textured silver aluminum.

As a customer, when you buy the device, you will have a vehicle suction cup mount, a combination power cable with a traffic receiver, a usb cable and an instruction manual that helps to provide guidelines about the device.

TomTom Go 6000

The TomTom Go 6000 has several features which include a 6 inch widescreen, comes fitted with maps for 45 European countries with lifetime updates and lifetime TomTom traffic accessible via built in mobile data.

It has a new and radically redesigned menu system, has a unified address and also comes with a point of interest keyword search. With the TomTom, the built in mobile data wireless system eliminates the need for the user to pair it with a smartphone in order to feed of its data plan.

The windscreen mount has been improved and uses magnetism in order to keep the GPS in place. It comes with a micro USB connection which helps to power the device. Therefore when it gets lost, you can replace it with any cable used by several tablets and smartphones today.


Garmin HUD+

The Garmin HUD+ is the successor to the previous model and has several features which are beneficial to the user. Some of the features include a head up display projector, a windscreen patch or a built in translucent screen, Bluetooth connectivity, car power adapter with a secondary power connection, navigation app and its compatible with different Garmin products.

Garmin designed the product with the purpose of providing users with a futuristic experience that is usually found in luxury vehicles. The GPS device can project the satellite navigation instructions onto the car’s windscreen therefore you will be able to view them ahead of you. This helps to ensure that your concentration remains on the road at all times.

There are several pros about the device and they include the ability to display sat nav instruction even during a bright sunlight, the ability to enable the user to look ahead and it comes bundled with a smartphone app.

In conclusion, GPS devices are still very useful among users today. They not only display maps that enable users to navigate from one area to another with ease but they provide traffic reports and enable map updates.

There are brands which are very popular for users and they include the Garmin Nuvi, the TomTom GO 6000 and the Garmin HUD+.