Some Words From Me

Brandon-DressedI remember getting lost on my way to my parents’ new house at Christmastime. I showed up so late that I had to diffuse tension by trying to make a joke about bumping into Santa, and people probably just laughed because it was late and they were tired. Nowadays, when I mention this anecdote, people tend to look a little confused. This is probably a consequence of the fact that GPS technology has more or less rendered these sorts of situations things of the past, at least for the most part. People like me can join all of the other historical people who look really silly without all of the modern gadgets that would have made their problems nonexistent. I guess today, you need to have a time machine to avoid looking silly.

On this website, you’ll find all sorts of information about GPS technology in general. I also have a handy buying guide for the people who are interested in finding the perfect GPS. I blog about my experiences with the GPS in general, and how this seemingly simple piece of technology has completely changed my life and the lives of others. A lot of people don’t even remember the days in which we used to play around with those huge and colorful maps that always seemed to be unreadable, even to the geography majors. Those were not fun days, and people shouldn’t remember them. They should remember when they actually reached their destination.