GPS devices have been very useful over the years but the recent introduction of smartphones and tablets with free navigation apps has not reduced the usefulness of the device. For many people who drive around or take a trip out into the woods to hike or to rock climb, a gps device becomes a very useful companion.

Apart from offering the users with navigation details, the gps device can help to provide traffic reports and local map search among other tools.


Below are the most trusted gps devices on the market.

Garmin Nuvi

The GPS device is designed and engineered to be among the best especially for individuals who own cars. The best thing about the device is that it is fitted with a state of the art magnetic mount, glass capacitive screen and a 3D lane assistance system that is very useful to the user.

The product measures 5.4 in height by 3.1 in width by 0.5 in depth and it weighs around 6.8 ounces. The housing of the device is a little thinner compared to previous models and it has a final nice finish with a textured silver aluminum.

As a customer, when you buy the device, you will have a vehicle suction cup mount, a combination power cable with a traffic receiver, a usb cable and an instruction manual that helps to provide guidelines about the device.

TomTom Go 6000

The TomTom Go 6000 has several features which include a 6 inch widescreen, comes fitted with maps for 45 European countries with lifetime updates and lifetime TomTom traffic accessible via built in mobile data.

It has a new and radically redesigned menu system, has a unified address and also comes with a point of interest keyword search. With the TomTom, the built in mobile data wireless system eliminates the need for the user to pair it with a smartphone in order to feed of its data plan.

The windscreen mount has been improved and uses magnetism in order to keep the GPS in place. It comes with a micro USB connection which helps to power the device. Therefore when it gets lost, you can replace it with any cable used by several tablets and smartphones today.


Garmin HUD+

The Garmin HUD+ is the successor to the previous model and has several features which are beneficial to the user. Some of the features include a head up display projector, a windscreen patch or a built in translucent screen, Bluetooth connectivity, car power adapter with a secondary power connection, navigation app and its compatible with different Garmin products.

Garmin designed the product with the purpose of providing users with a futuristic experience that is usually found in luxury vehicles. The GPS device can project the satellite navigation instructions onto the car’s windscreen therefore you will be able to view them ahead of you. This helps to ensure that your concentration remains on the road at all times.

There are several pros about the device and they include the ability to display sat nav instruction even during a bright sunlight, the ability to enable the user to look ahead and it comes bundled with a smartphone app.

In conclusion, GPS devices are still very useful among users today. They not only display maps that enable users to navigate from one area to another with ease but they provide traffic reports and enable map updates.

There are brands which are very popular for users and they include the Garmin Nuvi, the TomTom GO 6000 and the Garmin HUD+.